Aness Webster


  Jan 2016 -   Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Nottingham


  Ph.D., University of Southern California (Aug 2016)

       Dissertation Committee Chair: Gary Watson
  M.A. in Philosophy, University of Auckland - First Class Honours (2007)
  BA (Hons) in Philosophy, University of Auckland - First Class Honours (2005)
  BA/LLB (Conjoint), University of Auckland (2003)



  Philosophy of Law
  Philosophy of Action (including Agency & Responsibility)

  Social Philosophy (esp. Philosophy of Race)


  Political Philosophy

  Philosophy of Mind


  “Conjuring Ethics from Words”, Noûs, 49(1), 2015: 71-93 [co-authored with Jonathan McKeown-Green & Glen Pettigrove]

  “Burdens of Proof and the Case for Unevenness”, Argumentation, 27 (3), 2013: 259-282; [co-authored with Imran Aijaz &      
          Jonathan McKeown-Green]



  June 2018 - Underexplored Harms of Racism: Emotional & Cognitive Costs of Shame, GRSelona, 4th Barcelona Conference on 

                          Gender, Race, and Sexuality

  June 2018 - Keynote at Birmingham/Nottingham/Warwick Graduate Conference  

  Oct 2017 - Disability as Marginalised Functinoing, Department Seminar, University of Glasgow

  May 2017 - Blameworthiness for Negligence, Legal Philosophy Workshop, University College London

  Apr 2017 - Comments on Hannah Tierney's "Reasons and Responsibility", American Philosophical Association (Pacific), Seattle

  Apr 2016 - “Terror, Tactics, and Preferences", American Philosophical Association (Pacific), San Francisco

  Apr 2015 - Comments on Saba Bazargan’s “Self-Defense and the Reprisal Dilemma, Self-Defense Workshop, USC

  Mar 2013 - “Corrective Justice Supplemented”, American Philosophical Association (Pacific), San Francisco

  April 2011 - “Too Hard: The Demandingness Objection To Ethics & Rationality", NYU/Columbia University Graduate Conference,
                        New  York

  Dec 2008 - “Burden of Proof and the Quest for Truth”, Australasian Association of Philosophy (NZ Division), Christchurch  
                         [Co-presented with Imran Aijaz & Jonathan McKeown-Green]

  Jul 2008 - “Giving Till It Hurts", Australasian Association of Philosophy Conference, Melbourne


  Gary Watson, Provost Professor of Philosophy & Law, University of Southern California
          glwatson [at] usc [dot] edu

  Jonathan Quong, Associate Professor of Philosophy & Law, University of Southern California
          quong [at] usc [dot] edu

  Jonathan Tallant, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Nottingham   

          jonathan [dot] tallant [at] nottingham [dot] ac [dot] uk

  Glen Pettigrove, Chair of Moral Philosophy, University of Glasgow
          glen [dot] pettigrove [at] glasgow [dot] ac [dot] uk

  Gideon Yaffe, Professor of Law and Philosophy, Yale University
          gideon [dot] yaffe [at] yale [dot] edu

  Greg Keating, William T. Dalessi Professor of Law & Professor of Philosophy, University of Southern California
          gkeating [at] law [dot] usc [dot] edu