Jan 2016 -   Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Nottingham


  Ph.D., University of Southern California (Aug 2016)

       Dissertation Committee Chair: Gary Watson
  M.A. in Philosophy, University of Auckland - First Class Honours (2007)
  BA (Hons) in Philosophy, University of Auckland - First Class Honours (2005)
  BA/LLB (Conjoint), University of Auckland (2003)



  Philosophy of Law
  Philosophy of Action (including Agency & Responsibility)

  Social Philosophy (esp. Philosophy of Race)


  Political Philosophy

  Philosophy of Mind

Awards  Flewelling Award, USC (2011)
  Senior Prize in Law, University of Auckland (2003)
  Senior Prize in Philosophy, University of Auckland (2001)
  Annual Prize in Philosophy, University of Auckland (2000)


  “Conjuring Ethics from Words”, Noûs, 49(1), 2015: 71-93 [co-authored with Jonathan McKeown-Green & Glen Pettigrove]

  “Burdens of Proof and the Case for Unevenness”, Argumentation, 27 (3), 2013: 259-282; [co-authored with Imran Aijaz &      
          Jonathan McKeown-Green]



  Oct 2017 - Underexplored Harms of Racism: Emotional & Cognitive Costs of Shame, Department Colloquia, Arizona State 

  Oct 2017 - Disability as Marginalised Functinoing, Department Seminar, University of Glasgow

  May 2017 - Blameworthiness for Negligence, Legal Philosophy Workshop, University College London

  Apr 2017 - Comments on Hannah Tierney's "Reasons and Responsibility", American Philosophical Association (Pacific), Seattle

  Apr 2016 - “Terror, Tactics, and Preferences", American Philosophical Association (Pacific), San Francisco

  Apr 2015 - Comments on Saba Bazargan’s “Self-Defense and the Reprisal Dilemma, Self-Defense Workshop, USC

  Mar 2013 - “Corrective Justice Supplemented”, American Philosophical Association (Pacific), San Francisco

  April 2011 - “Too Hard: The Demandingness Objection To Ethics & Rationality", NYU/Columbia University Graduate Conference,
                        New  York

  Dec 2008 - “Burden of Proof and the Quest for Truth”, Australasian Association of Philosophy (NZ Division), Christchurch  
                         [Co-presented with Imran Aijaz & Jonathan McKeown-Green]

  Jul 2008 - “Giving Till It Hurts", Australasian Association of Philosophy Conference, Melbourne


  Gary Watson, Provost Professor of Philosophy & Law, University of Southern California
          glwatson [at] usc [dot] edu

  Jonathan Quong, Associate Professor of Philosophy & Law, University of Southern California
          quong [at] usc [dot] edu

  Jonathan Tallant, Associate Professor of Philosophy, University of Nottingham   

          jonathan [dot] tallant [at] nottingham [dot] ac [dot] uk

  Glen Pettigrove, Chair of Moral Philosophy, University of Glasgow
          glen [dot] pettigrove [at] glasgow [dot] ac [dot] uk

  Gideon Yaffe, Professor of Law and Philosophy, Yale University
          gideon [dot] yaffe [at] yale [dot] edu

  Greg Keating, William T. Dalessi Professor of Law & Professor of Philosophy, University of Southern California
          gkeating [at] law [dot] usc [dot] edu

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